7 Signs And Symptoms Of Social Anxiety Disorder

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Social anxiety affects millions of people around the world yet many go undiagnosed and without treatment. By learning about the different physical symptoms of social anxiety disorder as well as the mental symptoms you’ll be much better prepared to combat that social accounts. You’ll also be able to much better answer the question ‘do I have social anxiety?’ one and for all.

The seven most common signs of anxiety disorders and panic attacks:

1) Fear Of Embarrassment. Often people with social anxiety will try to distance themselves from groups of people because they feel as though other people are judging them all them time.

2) Nausea Or Sour Stomach. Not only can a person with social anxiety get nauseates and a sour stomach right before and during an interaction but often they can stress out the interaction for days before and afterwards too.

3) Sweaty palms. Another extremely common social anxiety symptom is sweaty palms. In fact many people with social anxiety disorder sweat everywhere a lot more than the average person.

4) Excessive Worrying. People with social anxiety find themselves worry about social interactions and relationships all the time.

5) Difficulty speaking. Often people with social anxiety disorder have great difficulty speaking and will try to do anything possible to get out of speaking in front of a crowd.

6) Avoiding social situation. A classic tell tale sign of a person who is suffering from social anxiety disorder is that they will constantly make up excuses to avoid having to go out and socialize.

7) Children’s symptoms. Children can also suffer from all of the previous symptoms but they are also more prone to a few extra symptoms including throwing tantrums, mutism and
avoiding school.


  • Maze Runner

    I stutter a lot when I’m making joke sometimes but that’s it

  • Nevaeh Roy

    I constantly worry about social interaction (ex.going to a friends house) I get a sour stomach and feel very nauseous this happens even when I do thing I have done before . It got very bad in January 2017 before what to me was a stressful situation I spent 2 days laying in bed trying not to vomit my whole abdomen felt like it was full of water, I have never been able to fully recover from this . I have had an ultra sound and 2 blood tests (the first showed I had animic iron levels after taking an iron supplement my shortness of breath went away)and I have seen 2 doctors at least 5 times for one and 2 for the other . Over 1 year all for them to say that I have anxiety and that I should probably look into breathing exercises. I don’t know if I have social anxiety but do you think it is possible

  • meho sovrlic

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  • Sushibäumchen Kohlstock

    the moment when you lay in bed and thinking and being emberesst about stuff, that happend years ago…

  • Monica Ilona

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  • Erika Charlotte Alexander

    Or is that even anxiety

  • _im_not _on_fire

    I have been diagnostized with Selective Mutism,I also have extreme anxiety and social anxiety
    I can’t really go out without having an anxiety/panic attack :/

  • BWAC Productions

    My best friend has VERY sweaty hands…

  • Alexandra Baca

    I don’t have this disorder, but whenever I go to the cafeteria, I get EXTREMELY nervous BECUASE their is so many people there, they can be judging me of every move 😖😖

  • ciel phantomhive

    I… All of these times i thought i ws the only one the only black sheep in my school 😥😥😥😥ur video just opened my eyes thank god

  • anime singer helper freya

    I have social anxiety and im only 11 at secondary school i hide in the girls toilets to avoid people.

  • Jenni 제니

    i self diagnozed myself as that i have social anxiety disorder because i have all these symptoms and i had this for all my life.

  • Professional Meme

    How do they know me so well?

  • SkittlesCat *

    I have every symptoms, does this mean I have serve anxiety disorder?

  • Heart emojii

    When i go to a new school is when I get the most nervuous and I just go to the bathroom and just hide for the rest of the day

  • JLeditss

    It is the worst 🙁 . For me social anxiety is

    – I struggle to walk past people or in front of them
    -I rehearse conversations in my head when I’m about to talk to someone
    -I hate being the centre of attention.
    -it’s nightmare trying to speak up in class.
    -I can’t ask my friends anything or I’m just quiet
    -I keep to myself a lot
    -I cannot express my thoughts or opinions because I’m afraid il be judged.
    -I can’t keep eye contact, it makes me highly uncomfortable
    -I stutter and mumble when I’m talking to strangers.
    -My palms get sweaty in social situations.
    -wanting to be invisible at times.
    -Afraid to be judged on what I wear.
    -Doing things in front of people
    -Keeping my head down when walking in public
    -Asking questions
    -Being afraid to say yes to offers.
    -skipping social events with making excuses

    -wanting to stay home all day.

    Social anxiety is a living hell. It’s hard for me because no one understands it unless you have struggle with it too. My mom incredibly hates me for it, she’s always pushing me to be more ‘confident’ or more ‘independent’. I’m not sure why but she looks upon me like a bad teenager. I just wish social anxiety never existed

  • Roblox Movie Production 030

    If you guys think you have anxiety, go to the doctor instead of the Internet. Wl cx

  • Tiphanie Odelia

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  • Emir Becic

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  • Nepoznat lik

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