About Me

My name is Mireya, Welcome to my blog.  I am an CyberSecurity Project Manager, mom, wife and Lifestyle Trainer.  Just over a year ago, I became diagnosed with Anxiety. My anxiety combined with stress and insomnia was plainly put,  the result of my busy life.  But I did not want to quit and give up on my career and my family.  Although the idea of living with a condition like this was not as easy as I thought at the same time I became fascinated by the idea of learning of natural and holistic ways to treat these conditions. So I immersed myself into reading, training and learning on the areas of meditation, music for relaxation, transformation and nutrition. I was looking for solutions to treat my conditions without using prescribed drugs.

This website will help you on learning about natural methods, ideas and tips to treat anxiety and other related conditions like insomnia and depression, naturally and holistically,  by using meditation, music, nutrition and your Inner Power.  No Medication needed.  This website will also give you inspiration, hope and love. This is my promise to You.

I believe there are obstacles in our lives, but I also think we can overcome them and turn them into opportunities to learn and explore new ways, new paths…a new horizon.

I believe the smallest things will make a great difference.

I believe an extraordinary life begins with a fresh perspective.