Anxiety Attack Relief: How To Stop An Anxiety Attack

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Anxiety attack relief can be hard to come by but and often an attack can make it feel as though it's the end of the world or that a person is about to die but thankfully with the right approach to dealing with anxiety attacks sufferers have a chance to minimize or even completely stop an anxiety attack.

In this video you'll learn how to stop an anxiety attack by using some simple but often very effective techniques for beating and overcoming an attack.

Some of these anxiety attack relief techniques include:

Calming Techniques: Relaxation and calming techniques including deep breathing, controlled breathing and meditation are all common calming techniques and can be used when a person is feeling anxious or after an attack has begun.

Meditation And Exercise: Daily meditation and exercise is another great way to stop anxiety attacks naturally as they help the mind and body to relax which reduces stress and anxiety that may otherwise trigger an anxiety attack.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Cognitive behavioral therapy (also known as CBT) are learned and practiced during therapy sessions with a qualified therapist and help to replace unrealistic and negative thoughts with positive ones. CBT can be used long term and without any negative side effects.

Prescription Medication: Sometimes prescription medications and required in addition to therapy to help with controlling anxiety attacks. These medications are either taken daily or before the triggers of anxiety attack. These can only be prescribed by a psychiatrist or psychologist however as they also can have some negative side effects if the individual has other pre-existing medical conditions.

Stepping Away From Stress: Sometimes the best way to beat an anxiety attack is to simply step away from the situation or environment that is causing you stress until you are feeling better.


  • Hinano Lucas

    I am going to be In high school starting this year and I am having so much anxiety does anyone have any advice

    • Jeffy is Awsome

      Hinano Lucas same to sister feel bad😔

    • Hinano Lucas

      ckamdiekxjdnndnd brianna thx for the advice but sadly I don’t have any sort of social media but thank you.

    • ckamdiekxjdnndnd brianna

      Hinano Lucas hii! :)) i’m brianna. i was a freshman last year. my anxiety started in 8th grade when i had to read aloud everyday in class. the summer after 8th grade was the worst. i was stressed out everyday worrying about going to high school. high school isnt bad at all. they make it seeem horrible on tv but tbh it’s not at all! upperclassmen are nice and aren’t really worried about underclassmen at all. and if you have anxiety about public speaking you can talk to your guidance counselor about it and they can keep you from public speaking or you can talk to your teachers 🙂 . you meet so many new people in highschool it will be fun ! ❤️❤️ if you ever need to talk i have snap, insta, and kik.

  • Perry Scoon

    Does anyone else get panic attacks when getting a haircut? Geez this the worst because you can’t move your head to try and relax. It’s horrible.

  • Miss Pharaoh

    I get anxiety when I am scared about bad things happening in my life or in the world and I don’t know how to Handle it people start to think I’m crazy

    • SimplyMadelynn

      Miss Pharaoh my mum says to keep your mind on good things that has happened or will happen in your life, whenever I start to have attacks, that’s what my mum says 😁

  • Tessa Hainze

    Hey, this sounds useful thanks. There’s something for everybody. To find out what approach would be best for you, check out PanicStratz (google it). It’s got straightforward strategies to stop panic attacks today.

  • Julia Kristina Counselling

    One of the few things to overcome anxiety is mindfulness exercise. I talk about mindfulness exercise and other things you can do to overcome anxiety on my YouTube channel. 🙂

  • Rojina Tayyebi

    I was just out with a few friends trying to be normal and fit in, while eating ice cream… And my mom called and she got really overprotective and mad and worried (typical mom of a teenage girl), and I had to run away from them and not let them see me like that… I had to take a 1 hour walk with my dad and talk to him to calm myself down!!! I just wanted to be normal…

  • Husky Lives Matter

    I just had an anxiety attack in school today:(

  • joshloversts

    this video made me anxious

  • GameGuruGuy A.K.A GGG

    the reason I have anxiety is because I’m scared people are gonna make fun of me for throwing up in public

  • Lolo Pfeiff

    Man is there a way out of this problem or at least can I live a normal life? it really sucks

  • Trying to Hang on

    I was having an anxiety attack about 6 or 7 minutes ago and I want someone to know incase anyone is ever feeling so alone I’m sat here at 3:23 am and I can’t breath my head is aching and I’m ok and you will be too I’m here for you you can comment on this and I’ll reply and try and talk to you at least give you something to focus on I want you to know you are and will be ok and if not we’re still here I’m still here for you and I love you so it’s ok

  • Liseth Konichiwa

    i need that xanny pack

  • Yvonne Marie Ortiz Trabucco

    its 6 am and i am trying to stop the feeling

  • Dee Murial

    Do anyone know about Atoractove Secrets? Does it really work? I hear lots of people completely eliminated their social anxiety problem with this popular anxiety treatment.

  • RandomTeenageGirl 15

    it’s 3am and i’m feeling anxious af and kinda freaking out getting more anxious of the thought of having a panic attack … oh god i hate anxiety

  • Pint of

    Anxiety has ruined my life.

  • crax

    I used to get severe panic attacks when I was in my mid 20s, I’m now 33 and haven’t had one for years. You need to rewire your brain, I used to panic when I felt my heart best, analyzed every beat to make sure it was in sync. Almost 8 years later and I’m still a live, when I get like that now, I look back and think, well another 8 years and I’ll probably still be here.

    • crax

      Social anxiety is still a bit of a problem, but that is because I don’t really enjoy socializing and that’s okay. Also, exercise is key and don’t be scared to feel your heart beat or a slight arm ache. I’ve had 1000s of arm aches over the years and none turned out to be the big D.

    • crax

      I know it’s easier said than done, but like someone told me back then also, I promise they will go away one day. Don’t obsess over your health and if you’re the type that gets panic of a night, go for a walk or jog before bed time.

    • crax

      Get plenty of sleep, being tired the next day can increase anxiety, don’t consume anything with caffeine. Keep alcohol to a minimum also, this can also cause anxiety a day or two later.
      Most importantly, find a doctor you trust and happy to discuss your concerns.

  • The Runaways

    i woke up and i couldn’t breathe, it just felt like something was in my throats and now i try to calm myself down but i can hardly breathe and i’m shaking, it’s the first time this happens to me i don’t know what to do plus i have my back to school day tomorrow

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