Dealing With Separation Anxiety In Teens

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Separation anxiety typically occurs in children but can also occur in teenagers too. In this video we’ll give you a short introduction to dealing with separation anxiety in teenagers.

Teenagers who have lost a parent or guardian, bullied at school or gone through a traumatic event may be more likely to suffer from separation anxiety.

Symptoms of separation anxiety in teens include:

– Separation nightmares.
– Excessive worrying about parents/guardians.
– Fear of being alone.
– Physical problems like headaches or stomach aches.
– Refusal to sleep away from home without parents.
– Panic when separated from parents.
– Refusal to go to school.
– Excessive worrying about safety.

Often these symptoms can prevent teenagers from doing well in school and maintaining a good quality of life and for this reason it’s important for parents to look for and to identify the symptoms early so that they can be address through therapy or medication.




  • max sgeisndjs

    I think a I have it. My parents were divorced and I live with my mom. My dad got married to some crazy Russian lady (I am not trying to be funny) that is jealous about money. She is really verbally abusive and my dad gets influenced by it and he flips out. Long story short CPS was called on them and they are pretty mad. When all this crazy stuff happened with that I get worried about leaving my mom because I feel like something bad will happen to her and she will die. Then I won’t have my mom anymore and I would have to live with my dad and a crazy lady and it’s really bad. Sometimes in the middle of the night I will feel like someone could break in and kill her or something. Maybe she could get in a car crash and die. Idk I think of some crazy stuff. And it happens A LOT. I do see a counselor but I never talk to her because I feel like it’s uncomfortable. I am 14 and I don’t know if I have it or not. Any feedback?

  • Em Hood

    So sometimes when i’m at my grandma’s house, i’ll fall asleep while my parents are still there and wake up right around when they’re about to leave or already left. At that point, i get really panicky about them leaving so i rush out to go with them, but i don’t know if i’d call it seperation anxiety. i do have some of the symptoms like fear of being alone, excessive worry of parents, and when i’m alone at my house, it’s hard for me to fall asleep.

    • Aesthetic Network.

      Em Hood I sort of have the same thing, I get really scared if I haven’t said goodbye to my mum and I just cry non stop about it.

  • Aesthetic Network.

    I’m 14 and I find it really difficult for me to be away from my mum for less then an hour, I usually go to my dads one week then my mums, I have to tell my dad that I want to go back earlier so I can see my mum. I cry myself to sleep whenever my mum is not there and feel very sad all the time. My mum is away at the moment so I am staying home with my stepdad (since it is my week at mums) and I am not finding it easy, I have been sleeping with one of my mums tops and can’t stop thinking about her, she only left about 10 hours ago (from when posting this) and I have been up all night without thinking of her. Please can anyone tell me if there is anything I can do that would make me feel s little more happier!

  • Ella Pheasant

    It’s so hard, I hate having it.

  • Clara Bear

    I’m 12 and I am going on a mission trip without my parents for 5 nights and I am really worried

  • King Bates

    I hate school
    I mean I have friends and I don’t get bullied but I hate being separated from my grandma and even in high school I still cry on the first day because I don’t wanna leave home

  • Ruby Crystal

    I have separation Exideity I’m scared with out my parents

  • Cream Soda

    I’m a 15 year old girl and I have *MAJOR* seperation anxiety from my mother. I can’t stay at friends houses, and if she goes out with friends for the night I constantly ring her in fear that something may happen to her! No other person that I have ever met has had seperation anxiety except for me. I first started seeing signs when I was around 6 or 7 years old whenever my mum would go out I would chase her car down the driveway in tears and my dad and sister would have to hold me back, and because I didn’t have a phone at that time I would sit in my room and cry all night until she arived back home. But at that time I never really knew what it was until a few months ago. I try to fall asleep every night but I always fear that something bad might happen to my mum if I’m asleep. When she wants to go out for a night walk I will *NEVER* let her go alone because I’m worried that someone might try and hurt her. I feel so stupid and immature and no one understands me, everyone just thinks I’m being stupid. I had an extremely rough childhood and I’ve moved around a lot. I’ve lost *SO* many loved ones over the years (family, friends and pets) and my mum was always the main person who I turned to because I was never anything like my dad or my sister and sometimes they would gang up on me and my mum would stick up for me. My mum has been through so much over the years and so many men have pushed her around and hurt her emotionally and physically, so that’s why I only think that it’s my job to keep her safe, I don’t want her to get hurt ever again. I have trouble going to school and creating a social life, and I can only have my friends stay over because when I stay at other friends houses I worry about her so much. I want a boyfriend and I’m getting to that age where I wanna have a relationship with someone but I could never think of caring for someone more than my mum. I have always and will always put my mums safety before mine. I would do anything for her. I really wish that I didn’t have to worry so much anymore… 🙁

    • Juni Cortez

      Cream Soda You are not alone! I love my mom unconditionally she assures me, she helps me and stands through so much with me. I love her so much. We can talk whenever because i’m around your age too. I suggest getting a dog, yes a dog, they comfort you and they love to be around you, it helps while your mom isn’t home. Don’t be ashamed to contact a therapist, and talk to your mom, you can get proper treatment, but know that you aren’t a “lab rat” because you are scared something will happen, I never want to leave my mom, but I do suggest doing calming treatments and just praying she will be okay, but really do know it is nothing to be ashamed of, and you will not be as stressed if you get something done about it.

    • Emily Arevalo

      Cream Soda I feel the exact same way if I was sharing my story it would be this. Just know you are not alone in this.

    • Cream Soda

      Juni Cortez Thanks for understanding me. I’m glad I can talk to someone who is like me. I’m actually getting a dog at the end of this year so that’ll be good. My mum and I arranged for me to call a therapist line last week, and it kind of helped a bit. The woman over the phone was really nice and she talked me through my problems. I remember coming home from school and not finding my mum anywhere, and when I tried to call her it went straight to voice mail, I got so worried and the first thought that popped into my head was that she had been kidnapped and her phone had been destroyed so that no one could track it. As it got dark and she still wasn’t home, I decided to call a help line, the woman talked me through it and suggested that she might be out of range someone, but I just kept on crying, finally when my mum did return home she told me she was out of range. I felt really silly afterwards, ut my mind just automatically thinks the worst. My mums foing away camping with my sister in a couple of days and I’ll be left with my friends, she’ll be out of range and that kinda scares me a bit, but I’ll try to not think the worst and wait for her to come home…

    • Cream Soda

      Emily A Thankyou!!! 🙂 and just remember that ut will get better ❤❤❤


    I have all the symptoms other than refusal to go to school bc my mum works as a teacher.

  • D CEE

    I have this really bad…but it’s not with my parents it’s with my siblings. If I can’t find them or if they don’t answer their phones I freak out. I’m an 18 year old guy and I’m almost always normal but when it happens I turn into a panicky babbling helpless person. I don’t know how to fix it/cope with it but it’s debilitating

  • I'll Just Leave

    I find it so difficult because according to the internet, separation anxiety is mostly common in young children, dogs and babies. I’m a teenage girl and I’ve never had a successful sleep over. I don’t know how to tell my parents.

    • Sarah Kalus

      i’m 20 and i hate sleepovers. because i’m Not in my room,Bed
      i wake up like every hour.


      Emma Gorman you are not alone I have separation anxiety because when I was young my dad said time to go! And I didn’t go mind you it was winter so when I saw him drive out of the drive way I freaked out ran to the car but on the way there I slipped on ice and fell

    • Muhd Nawfal

      Emma Gorman
      Me too. I can’t handle camps, unless it’s one day away, I can’t even sleep without saying ‘good night’ to my parents

  • CaptainGamerGirls

    I’m pretty sure I have this with my girlfriend and it sucks

  • I'm kinda good at singing

    I’ve had this forever. Another symptom whichIs kind of happens when away from parents is worrying about others and making sure they are okay even if they’re complete strangers. I try and force the love on others to make sure they feel secure. And I hate having that feeling. I worry so much about things that make no sense. I’m leaving for a week without my mom and dad and I am so freaking nervous and upset and mad. Ugh. I hate my feelings.

  • Lucia Cruz

    I use to have this , but It stopped in the 7th grade, I’m in the 9th grade now!
    Thank God!❤

    • Cheshire Cat Lover

      Lucia Cruz thanks

    • Lucia Cruz

      Cheshire Cat Lover Well my Aunt Mary died and after she died I couldn’t go places I couldn’t spend the night at peoples house even my next door neighbor’s I couldn’t spend night I I’d have to have my mom or sister hugging at night I had to be the first one asleep but in 7th grade my friend invited me over for a sleepover and I didn’t want to go but my mom was like give it a chance and I went and of course I was scared but I toughed it out and stayed so never give up always try and take risk even if it means being scared because it will be over before you know it I promise you

    • Cheshire Cat Lover

      Lucia Cruz I try but I was rejected by my dad before I was born so I can never be away from my mom because its been her all my life

    • Lucia Cruz

      Cheshire Cat Lover Just take risk and never give up !

    • Cheshire Cat Lover

      Lucia Cruz I’m in 8th and I still have it

  • Quinn Gillen

    It’s is possible to have separation anxiety towards a pet?

  • Amandaxsimi

    I’m 12 and I have separation anxiety from my parents. I get so anxious when I have to go to school

  • Beating Anxiety

    Dealing with separation anxiety in teenagers…

  • Amy

    so glad this is being addressed. I felt so alone with this

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