Do I Have Social Anxiety Disorder? (How To Tell)

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If you're sitting there asking yourself 'Do I Have Social Anxiety Disorder?' then you will want to watch this video right away as it will explain in plain English the symptoms of social anxiety disorder as well as how you can identify it in yourself or other people.

The biggest and main social anxiety symptom of social anxiety disorder is feeling public humiliation and as if you are being judged on your ever move. Often people that suffer from social phobia can embarrass easily and be very shy.

The two main types of social anxiety disorder include generalized social phobia which is the worst of the two a means that the individual is afraid of almost every social situation and then specific social phobia where individuals only get stressed and anxious in certain types of social situations – a good example of this is when musicians get stage fright.

Other signs of social anxiety disorder include:

– Excessive worrying about social situations.
– Fear of your anxiety being noticed.
– Shortness of breath.
– Tight chest.
– Rapid heartbeat.
– Sweating.
– Blushing.
– Nausea.
– Shaking.
– Troubles Talking.


  • Yorkie Dorgie

    I don’t have anxiety, but a touch of a medical condition that is a bit related to autism, but it’s both the same or worse. I have a touch of Aspeger and so far I’m doing fine, I’m mostly scared of weather like storms and other stuff. I don’t feel that safe when home alone, so I distract myself by playing games on my iPad, draw with something on YouTube, or play Pokemon. I’m a picky eater, but a bit too deep to say that, I barely eat anything else, I don’t like spaghetti, I don’t like hamburgers and I’m picky about dumb things. Let’s say I was to eat pepperoni pizza but it was out of stock. There was cheese pizza from the same company but I said no. I always feel as if I’m an outcast because of my eating habits. Unlike those kids who go outside every day or each week I stay inside. I go outside like every second month or longer. Right now there’s a storm covering my area and I’m of course, petrified. So sorry if this comment is long, just wanted to share this.

  • Quolin Lexine Medina

    Me: Dad lets play Badminton
    Dad: Okay lets play outside
    Me: Um lets play inside
    Dad: its to small we cant play properly
    Me: Lets just play inside 5 min
    (After 5 min)
    Dad: Lets go outside already
    Me: Too much people

    IS THIS NORMAL??!!?!?

  • -Potato Patato -

    When I told me friends I have anxiety was maybe a year after I figured out I had it ..they didn’t know what it meant so I told them and this was there reaction… oh! Well I get scared some time so I have anxiety. And the other was like oh yea I have it too and it’s really bad… you know I never saw them scared or anything.. you know some people who don’t have it think it’s cool…when it’s not😶


    But I’m shy of my cousins, grandma, Auntie and everyone else except for my family that I’m with right now. Is that bad?

  • Murphy The cat

    I often get embarrassed by wearing a dress to school, or anything I consider “flashy” I don’t know why it’s very odd but I get scared to go to the bathroom because I feel awkward in the stalls with a random person in the stall next to me. I also hate picture day because I feel embarrassed smiling and just standing there to get my picture done. During lunch when I’m waiting for my friend (I prefer one) I get embarrassed because people think that I’m just sitting there alone. If any one compliments me I don’t know what to say do I don’t say anything. Im a typical introvert and I prefer staying at home Instead of going to events and my school and things like that. If a teacher says “Good morning” to me I freak out and start walking faster and then I feel bad because I’d didn’t say good morning. These are just a few of the things I pretty much deal with everyday and it causes a lot of stress I’m trying yup debate whether or not I have anxiety or it’s just social awkwardness and worrying too much. It could be this though because I noticed that I have a lot of the symptoms. If anyone could tell me what it is that would be great!

  • Jaclyn Hobard

    What is Atoractove Secrets and how does it work? I hear most people completely end their social anxiety with this popular social anxiety methods.

  • Luis Suarez

    For everyone who hasnt gotten help for their anxiety you gotta understand if you never try to get help or tell someone close to you things will never get better for you even if you fear getting judged by that person or others the best thing to do is speak up if you can and if not find a way to tell that person in a message or email

  • Alley COOPER

    Wish my mom would understand sad she a therapist but can’t help her. Own kid but helps others and when i have aniexty I get yelled at

  • Deena yay

    My problem is that I don’t know if I have anxiety or I’m just extremely paranoid all the time

  • She Dragon

    I hate the feeling I get in my chest as if something terrible has happened, or is going to happen, like any minute someone is going to bust through my door and kill me kind of panic. I can’t seem to shake it, I try to distract myself, but playing music on the loudest volume only helps for a little while. I hate this feeling, I’ve never been in battle, but it feels like I’m surrounded by people who want to kill me, I don’t like to leave my house, my family jokes and says I’m a homebody, but the thought and feeling that I’ll get in a wreck or be shot, kidnapped, rapped, murdered, or looked at, Terrifies me. I don’t like to speak when I’m in public, I’m constantly hushing my family for fear that someone will hear us, look at us, or think we are rude for talking to loud.

  • Rohit More

    One thing I’m sure of is that you’re gonna miss whole lot of opportunities in your life whether it is in your career or anywhere else…and that sucks the most.😞😥

  • Hana Tawakkol

    Does anyone know the feeling of wanting to be noticed in your corner. Wanting to make any kind of impression. Feeling so comfortable in your corner but also very invisible. I don’t know I feel like I’m contradicting myself. Everytime my parents force me to go get them water from the supermarket hoping they found you pretty?? Maybe I don’t have social anxiety after all.. maybe it’s just a way to explain to myself my inability to communicate with people

  • PaytenzAi

    I feel like I most likely have social anxiety. My mother has a depression and anxiety disorder, and I can barely function in public. I get every bad thought ever imaginable and I suddenly feel like everyone finds me annoying, judges me, and I’m not super quiet with those close to me but i still get extremely anxious around family or friends. If I stutter or say something wrong it’s all I think about for the rest of the day. Only my best friend knows because she has anxiety too. I don’t want to tell my parents because i am terrified of change or that they won’t believe me. It started when I started middle school a few years ago, before I had symptoms just not as bad.

  • lieberher4576

    I really feel like I have social anxiety but the thought of asking for help from anyone scares me idk what to do. I’m only 13 but it’s so bad that I constantly try to miss school…

  • Marissa F.

    I feel like I have this but my mom won’t believe me! So I guess I’ll just suffer in silence

  • Aloysius Teriann

    What are some ways to completely cure your social anxiety? I read plenty of great reviews on the net about how exactly Atoractove Secrets will help you completely cure your social anxiety. Has anyone tried this popular anxiety methods?

  • Bryan Gaytan

    I hate having this 😔


    I’m only 11 and i feel like everyone is judging me on how I look I’m scared to talk like I’m going to mess up so ppl think I’m rude and I feel uncomfortable when I not around ppl who are close to me I feel sick when we’re in squad lines in gym and my squad line has no one I know I feel like everyone is laughing and talking about me and normally when I feel that way u will go and talk to my friends but all of them are in different squad lines talking and I feel alone and my heart is beating and I’m saying to myself in my head how do I look normal how do I stand are ppl looking at me I shouldn’t have worn this and when I tell ppl I feel like I have anxiety no one believes me they think I trying to make ppl feel bad for me or that I’m just making up things cause I’m a kid I come hom and spend hours thinking about what to wear and not doing homework chores my mom always ask why I always care how I look and I say nothing cause she’ll never understand.

  • Emir Becic

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  • Nepoznat lik

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