GAD Symptoms: 6 Generalized Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

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Millions of people all over the world suffer from what is commonly known as 'generalized anxiety disorder' and it's only by first understanding and recognize the symptoms of generalized anxiety that one can then go about finding and seeking treatment.

This video will go over 6 of the most common GAD symptoms that you should be looking out for when trying to determine whether you (or someone else) may be suffering from generalized anxiety disorder.

And whilst this GAD symptom list doesn't cover absolutely every possible symptom that can result out of GAD it does cover some of the most common and frequent ones.

This generalized anxiety disorder symptoms list includes:

– Excessive and worrying. Easily one of the most common symptoms of GAD is simply worrying about everything and everything and often totally unnecessary.

– Tiredness and difficulty sleeping. Often GAD sufferers will worry so much that they lose sleep and find themselves constantly tired and sleep deprived.

– Headaches. Another common GAD symptom in both men and women is he the headache which can only disappear when the person is relaxed and the re-appear again whenever they become anxious.

– Troubles Concentrating. Many people with generalized anxiety disorder have big problems concentrating on the task at hand finding themselves unable to properly focus and always distracted.

– Constant Bathroom Trips. For some people with GAD the stress will cause them urinate frequently. This could however also be the result of other issues.

– Irritability. The last common symptom of GAD irritability and many suffered find themselves getting easily irritated at even the most minor of things.


  • Samuel Unlucky Miller

    My anxiety keeps getting worse … I think I’m gonna die all the time … I’m suffering

    • charles kotovich

      +Audrey Mackaye i have that about me gabbing a heart attack cause my attacks give me chest pain high blood pressure and irregular heart beats its so scary i gaffe been hospitalized like 20 times. they do an ekg and a couple times they kept me overnight cause they said the ekg was abnormal it scared me even more. Then the cardiologist says no hearts healthy but in the heat of the moment its hard to believe that.

    • Audrey Mackaye

      Albus Luck me too… I’ve been so worried about me or especially my boyfriend dying for no reason. We’re both completely healthy & fine. I can’t make it stop. I have so much paranoia & fear, ugh.

    • Victor Martinez

      don dropsoap get help bro

    • Hikari Cute

      me too. its the worst thing ever

  • Reina Aqua

    I don’t know what to do about my fucking anxiety

  • Sydney Drummond

    The only symptom I don’t have is difficulty falling asleep because I’m constantly tired.

  • Yolo Lexi


    • Ravi kumar

      yes, you are right but i dont think everyone has the will power to overcome against it. I can only just able to face the problem but not to win against.
      I really like your sugggestions and you are 100% right. Everyone should follow this….

    • Sarah Crumpler

      Medication can help. You may have to try a lot of things with the help of a doctor. Im on like my 5th thing and its worked the best so far.

    • Juan Alfaro

      This are the steps I followed:

      1 Do what makes you anxious: (Eg In case of agoraphobia stay out of home) and don’t worry if people see you as a weirdo (that happened to me at first, but I decided health was more important).

      2 When you feel anxious, remember that nothing dangerous is happening, you will just shake and have a bad time, but there are NO POSSIBILITIES of health damage like fainting or going crazy. (this is called anticipatory fear, it’s when you are anxious at becoming anxious).

      3 You may experience depersonalisation disorder or derealization disorder. It’s a strange feeling of being out of your body, seeing life as is you were looking though a screen or being scared of life AND IT FEELS LIKE HELL. Just remember this is normal and temporary, stay calmed and DO NOT TRY TO MAKE IT STOP, I would say you should be WILLING this to happen. There is no danger and you will not be like this forever.

      4 Eventually the symptoms will disappear, this may take hours or even days. Be patient!

      5 You should always talk with a psychologist about your case, I had anxiety problems a month ago and I pushed myself to go to school and hang out as normal. I did exercise, sleep well and talked with my psychology teacher. My problems have almost gone. I know there may be more serious cases, but always push yourself as far as you can go and get out of your comfort zone.

    • Hartley Hare

      Yolo Lexi i know. it is truly awful, i just cant shake it off & im doing loads of exercise etc good luck to youđź‘Żđź•Ż

  • notroh4licec

    the beginning of this video gives me anxiety

  • Zech Wilson

    You guys are like family to me

  • Prompto Argentum

    i wish i could just cut this anxiety right out of my body

  • Modified Raptor

    I wish I could restart my fucking life sometimes in an effort to not get GAD my only solution to curing my GAD is by smoking weed all the time but even then my anxiety is still semi active while I’m stoned

  • Sol Phillip

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  • Bubbletea

    i have all of these.

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  • Prentice Gwynne

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  • Arwen

    I’m afraid of everything and everyone.

  • Lonnie Sidoney

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  • Clementine :p

    Ive been depressed for 2,5 years and Ive recently felt my anxiety growing bigger and bigger, I feel hopeless and like Im stuck in a maze.. I know theres a way out but I cant find it..

  • Looting Seagull

    That explains my frequent visits to the toilet.. Never heard that was an gad-symptom before. And yes, having gad really sucks. A few things that helps me out, running, eating healthy food, good routines as in going to sleep at the same time and waking up at the same time every day. But the worst thing is when you do all you can but still get stuck in the anxiety loop. Then hopelessness start to kick in and things get scary for real. You can’t do much but to hang in there. It will feel better eventually,

  • Lee Gene

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  • AS

    I have GAD and it always gets worse around this time of year

  • waseweg delarosbil

    I was diagnosed with G.A.D and I don’t find it stops me from sleeping much but no matter how much sleep I get (I could sleep forever) I’m always tired. I don’t understand that, I once slept for a day only getting up to eat and use the bathroom but go back to sleep afterwards and I felt like I didn’t sleep at all and I felt like I was hangover waking up. Is this normal ?

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