Guided Sleep Meditation for Insomnia (Sleep, Relaxation, Calm your Mind)

Cure your anxiety and panic attacks in under 60 seconds!

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Guided Sleep Meditation for Insomnia contains a relaxation metaphor and sleep story followed by rain. It can help you relax, switch off your busy mind and drift off into a peaceful slumber. It can help with stress and anxiety. I hope you wake up feeling more energized the next day. A great day starts with a great nights sleep, and if are not sleeping well, it can be hard to function at your best and enjoy your day. Not to mention all the cumulative effects of poor sleep on your health and wellbeing that creep into all parts of your life. Use this recording for 3-6 weeks until you have retrained yourself to sleep better.
The first half of the recording contains spoken word and music and introduces rain, to relax you and get you off to sleep. The second half continues on with rain sounds only to ease you into a deeper sleep. There’s nothing more comforting than being snug in bed while it’s raining outside.
Peace & Love to you,

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*This production is intended for your relaxation.

*DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS AUDIO WHILST DRIVING OR OPERATING MACHINERY. Only listen when you can relax safely and completely.

*This recording can compliment but should not replace any traditional medical care. If you suffer from any serious health concerns, please consult your doctor. If you are under the care of a doctor please continue to do so.
Music – "Adrift" by composer Christopher Lloyd Clarke from
Written and Produced by ©2016 Lina Grace. All rights reserved.


  • Francis Cregan

    This is beautiful! Her voice just makes me drift right off!

  • Ryan Kight

    ur voice is awesome pls keep doing videos!

  • David Mors

    You’re amazing!

  • Angela Blair

    Thank you for the epilepsy warning no other meditation tapes say that so from an epileptic I am grateful for the consideration

    • Lina Grace

      +Angela Blair You’re welcome. It’s best to check with the Doc on that particular condition. There is something in the hypnosis trainings that warns about deep relaxation and epilepsy. Because I can’t be 100% sure I put in the warning.

    • Angela Blair

      I believe it refers to nocturnal forms of epilepsy such as mine while h is juvenile myoclonic epilepsy or Jme which has means sleep deprivation and other triggers make us susceptible to seizures on relaxation or sleep my eeg was normal until I closed my eyes and relaxed but thanks for the warning it helps

    • Lina Grace

      +Angela Blair I’m glad I put the warning in there, I think best to be on the safe side

    • Koakoa45

      I find most on YouTube do have the warnings. The ones that don’t are usually not licenses anywhere or have no training but they mix music and say a few words claiming it’s a meditation or hyposnis tape. Have to be careful even on YouTube. I’ve come across one, this a big site, on YouTube that had subliminal messages for weight loss. So I like to listen wide awake before I allow anyone to talk to my subconscious. Half way through he stops the typical weight loss and image messages and I hear “i want your body, come to me, you are sexy , I want to take you, come to me.” And then it got down right explicit sexually. I reported the site but it’s till up.

      My advice to people is listen when wide awake, shop around and once you find one try it out. But be careful a lot of people on YouTube just want to make money and could care less about you personally.

  • Kevin Brown

    This is soAmazing…thank you Lina!

  • MockALove

    it’s like she’s not even trying to speak softly

  • Ron

    This video is very relaxing and helps me to fall asleep. Your words and voice are very soothing. Thank you. Any plans on creating another one specifically for sleep?

    • Lina Grace

      +RonnieB2 Thank you for your nice comment. Yes I will be adding more sleep videos. Peace x

    • April Wootten

      Yes please, I agree.

    • Sylver Fox

      Lina Grace My mother once told me a story of a young woman who was lost. She searched and searched for something, but she did not know what. One day her search came to an end as she ascended a mountain and found a long since forgoten temple. In the temple she found a glass jar with a blue glowing light. The woman opened the jar and time and space became nothing. She felt the most at peace at the contents of that glass jar. When the woman died her spirit entered the jar and became one with the inner peace. My mother used to tell me that if I ever feel incomplete, I should only need look towards the horizon and find the blue light and feel the inner peace that comes from it.

    • scorpio woman

      Sylver Fox beautiful really beautiful

    • Coomaree Gopee

      Ron ln

  • Ciaran Martin

    worked for me last night and i have not been able to sleep properly in the last few months going to use it every night now big help!

  • No1 Knows

    I tried this watched The whole thing felt a tiny. It sleepy and did not fall asleep it’s failed just like everything else ever I can’t stop my thoughts I have 0 controll it’s impossible I’ve tried for years I have to be absolutely exhausted to fall asleep

  • Tracks To Relax Sleep Meditations

    Nice meditation, your voice has a nice tone too.

  • I love lps

    does anyone else feel a bit scared when they listen to this idk why it does

  • Sarah Raigner

    I woke up to her counting 36 minutes in… no hope for me

    • SizzlinMind

      Sarah Raigner The first time I heard this, it worked!! But I get bored quickly. No sleep, just feel frustrated.

    • MySteven Reynolds

      Sarah Raigner you should keep trying mabey this might surprise you so try it agian you never know. Good luck tying agian 👍👍

  • LuckyLucy

    one time I had a dream that I was sleeping

  • kerry lattimore

    Since my mother died last year (90 years old), I have had trouble with sleeping. I keep thinking of her and especially her last few years. It overwhelms me with sadness and guilt that I should have fixed her. During the day I stay busy, but as soon as I lay down at night My mind gets stuck on that scenario. I just started listening to meditation tapes. They are wonderful. Thank you.

    • Lina Grace

      +SizzlinMind Yoga is a great idea as a meditation but also just silent meditation and focus on your breathing also helps. You need to be consistent and do it daily though, but it will help you a lot!

    • SizzlinMind

      Lina Grace Thanks for your efforts to help. You really are good to your subscribers.

    • Manya Cheung

      SizzlinMind u

    • SizzlinMind

      Manya Cheung What’s up?

    • scorpio woman

      kerry lattimore there is nothing that we could have done I lost my grandma two years later my little sister then my older sister my mother couldn’t take it anymore and she follow them I kept waiting for my turn wanting to be with them suddenly someone came and woke me up but went away and now I am going back to where I was, long sad sleepless nights…

  • The lifeof Jonnelleoh TV

    this sucked

  • Paris Atrc

    i cant believe i finally fall asleep. 1000 times like.

  • SimplyDusty

    I have been looking up on youtube for various videos on guided imagery/meditation to try and help alleviate a problem I’ve been dealing with for the past 8 months now. I dream way too much, feel like can’t get my mind to stop racing. All day i feel exhausted/spaced out / and on edge (wired tired). 8 months ago I was able to reach deep sleep at will. Now when i fall asleep at night as soon as my head hits the pillow i start to dream or even when i take naps. It’s such a bummer i hate it and its crippling me slowly. I think all of this happened during a stressful time in my life when I was having financial issues and general life issues. While listening to these videos with my eyes closed, my mind starts thinking and creating images even though i’m trying hard to concentrate on this video, its real hard.. /sadface

    • Lina Grace

      +SimplyDusty If you have severe problems it can take a while to settle down your mind. I will recommend silent meditation in the evening before you even listen to anything to help you relax

    • Johnny Smith

      SimplyDusty I understand how you feel…..the tiniest bit of marijuana helped me..I have PTSD

    • Anti Ego

      hey I think this is probably down to diet; can you confirm that you are not eating any sugars. Can you also confirm you are getting exercise. Try changing to just drinking water on a veg diet with no meat for 2-4 weeks if so and I can guarantee that will change.

  • YazmanianDevil

    This was so trippy. IDK what was even being said after a while. But 13 mins I had to stumble to bed.

  • Lina Grace

    Epilepsy: Some people ask why there is an epilepsy warning in the disclaimer of the videos. Both hypnosis and guided meditation, to varying degrees induce a trance state or deep relaxation.

    1) The short and safe answer is this: In hypnosis training as a general rule, we are cautioned about working with people with certain medical or psychological conditions, one of them being epilepsy. Hypnosis or hypnotherapy is an alternative therapy, not a medical therapy. It is unclear whether deep relaxation and trance states may or may not induce seizures in people who have epilepsy, when they are in deep relaxation. Hence we stay on the safe side.

    2) It is up to the individual or listener with an epilepsy condition to seek their own medical advice and do their own research. Some people with epilepsy report to have no issues with listening to hypnosis and meditation, and have even taken offense to the warning. It may be that they can listen but it’s not up to ME to decide on any persons medical matters or be the provider of medical advice. Hence the warning is there for people with epilepsy who have not been informed or who would not have considered the possibility of risk.

    Some makers of recordings include the warning and some don’t. I have chosen to include it.

    • TJ Long

      Joel olstein

    • infinity play

      Lina Grace slll

    • Koakoa45

      I don’t understand why people have to be such snowflakes about it. It’s not like the warning is taking up recorded time you paid for. If you don’t like the warnings just slide the little bar past it. Many also have warnings for depression and bipolar because being in a relaxed state can cause the mind to wonder off into some dark depressive thinking. Something people without the condition might not understand. As a general rule put up the warnings to both protect yourself from evil lawyers but most importantly warn those with condition that deep trance may have negative effects.

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