Natural Cures for Insomnia

Be free of your Anxiety and Panic attacks!

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In this video I’m going to go through the steps you need to follow to naturally cure insomnia.

1. Eliminating carbohydrates before bed and consuming quality fats in it’s place (Avocado and yogurt)

2. Reduce stress by avoiding the television screens and computer screens before bed and read something that helps you relax (journal, bible)

3. Take quality supplements, especially a Magnesium (400-500mg before bed)

4. Use essential oils like Lavender and Chamomile by rubbing a few drops on your neck before bed or taking a detox bath with epsom salts

5. Changing your lifestyle like lowering the temperature in your house (60s), making sure your bed is comfortable, making sure your room is dark

Following these steps will help you fall asleep fast and help you overcome insomnia naturally.

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  • Dr. Josh Axe

    Following these steps will help you fall asleep fast and help you overcome insomnia naturally.
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    • Loofer Anderson

      Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else is searching for insomnia symptoms try Jaffacter Home Insomnia Coach (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my cousin got amazing success with it.

    • Ssprintz Ravishing Diva

      past two weeks I didn’t sleep..( can’t count 5-10 mins sleep) trying hard to not have sleeping pills. m having quite high strength tablets one is to relax my mind and other is to sleep. Getting Awake All the time is Really Irritating .. creates mood swings ..

    • Clarence Boddicker

      The insomnia I suffer from is absolutely awful. But on the plus side – only three more sleeps till Christmas 🙂

  • TJ Devereaux

    If I could fall asleep laying next to you, I’d never need to take another pill ever again, just holding you in my arms is all I would ever need to be perfectly happy and content for the rest of my life, your wife is one very very lucky woman!

  • Twinkstorm Jenkins

    I listen to Warrior Cats story books on Kindle device to help go to sleep. I love those books and there are lots of them. No need to turn off all electronic devices and try to sit up and read a book with the lights on. But besides that this video is great and thanks Dr. Axe!

  • Caleb Hicks

    On my android i can turn the blue light off

  • Jane Roth

    I walk 4-5miles a day. Almonds are good too.

  • Dillon Lanier

    He’s talking about blue light keeping you up while wearing a blue shirt

  • Bigrai Khakhlary

    I go to gym in the evening but do not fall asleep …. What should i do ,Sir … Please help .

  • Liam M

    Good tips they have helped me out sometimes but alcohol seems most effective for me, a couple of stiff drinks makes me sleep like a baby.

  • Mary Nordseth

    Like your down-to-earth tips for sleep.

  • That Gorgeous Black Sheep

    Sleep deprivation leads to depression. I don’t wanna go back to the darkest place in my head. i badly need to fix my fucked up body clock.

  • Zeeshan Haider

    that’s amazing

  • Mako

    Caffeine messes with your anxiety. I got anxiety and doctor told me to drop cold turkey and it keeps me up all night with my rushing thoughts. Also another good one is to not drink caffeine after 2pm or 3PM. Can’t tell which ones but was told by my grandma she’s a nurse saying that caffeine will keep you up all night and she used to be in the army. So I’m completely done with caffeine. Haven’t had a decent good night’s sleep in a year. Doctors won’t help me so I have to do it my self. Sucks when you got a crappy insurance called medicaid. Thank you for the tips. I didn’t know you could use oils on your skin either. I’ll have to look up more information about that since I’m really into those. 🙂

  • Connor Lopez

    I`ve been resting poorly for over 10 years, at a time not of my choosing. After applying this sleep plan “fawam unique plan” (Google it) for 7 days, I was able to achieve eight hours of sleep every night. I didn`t even have to finish the plan simply to get enough rest again. My insomnia is finally eliminated thanks to this plan.

  • oyinbo peppe

    I cured my chronic very painful long-term insomnia by accident, I ate meat, lots of meat, only meat for a few months for another medical condition, nothing to do with my insomnia, yet it cured my insomnia and I have never ever had it again in 29 Years!!!!!!!!!! I am 53 now.

  • zumba

    i take melatonin everyday 3mg i just took 5 right now it is 5 am have not fallen sleep i cannot get my ambien the pharmacy to early have to wait 10 days so many doctors say do not to give to older people like me but i real bad insomina what more can do

  • marc Dana

    How about passion flower?

  • hus987pc

    a hevy indica strain from the cannabis plant will help u sleep like a baby and its 100% natural 🙂

  • M Rai

    Hey it’s an a avocado 🥑

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