OCD Symptoms: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Symptoms

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In this short but informative video we will go over exactly what OCD symptoms people should be looking out for should they suspect that either they or a loved one might be suffering from obsessive compulsive personality disorder.

Here is a full list of signs and obsessive compulsive disorder symptoms in both adults and children. This OCD symptoms checklist should help you to better identify the different types of OCD:

Checkers – Checkers will often repeatedly check things like whether they left the stove on or whether they have turned a light off and they will often do it many, many times more than is actually necessary.

Hoarders – Hoarders will often hoard and store a large amount of things in fear of what would happen if they were to lose them or need them again at a later point. Often the things being hoarded are far from necessary and can be nothing more than rubbish.

Counters / Arrangers – This type of OCD leads people to count a great number of things and they often feel that everything must be organized and in a certain order.

Washers – Signs and Symptoms of OCD of this type include being extremely afraid of germs and disease and washing and cleaning ones self over and over again to to an unnecessary level.

Doubters: Doubters will find themselves believing that bad things will happen if a certain thing is not done perfectly or correctly.


  • Why did i lose 3 subcribers!!!

    Im a checker, it is nice to know many people are going through what i am going through.

  • Cole's Randomness

    I constantly check locks and volume on my iPad, like I will only set my volume to 3, 5, 6, 8 or max. After I do I will most likely make it max or zero and count down or up to the number I want (mostly 3) I tend to arrange things also. I hate even numbers, my favorite number is 7. I also worry like if someone is late to something that like they got in a car crash or fell or something… I am always going over my classes in my head and remembering if I have homework or not, even when I don’t I check over and over. Oh yeah, last thing I have a fan in my room with max, medium and low. I like it on max but max is right next to off, so I turn it on from high to low to off over and over…. idk if I have OCD or not, and I’m kinda a perfectionist

    • Dusk of Oolacile

      Cole’s Randomness you could have it you should go see a terepist to dignost you like me i tough i only had anxiety and i had all the syintoms of ocd and i dint even know what ocd whas anyways yeah the symptoms you mention are some of the symptoms of ocd also i get the same urge to overcheck things and touch things over and over their also a surden number i have to do things i dont like 3 6 13 or 16 i get obsesevive tougths i get fustrated really quick i constantly repeat words if i dont do it i feel very anxiouse and trap also sometimes when i dont do the surden rythim i whant to do like touch something or blink a surden number of times i feel like something bad is gona happend so yeah go check whit a doctor Godbless you

  • cure plus

    nice video. super health tips. Symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) https://goo.gl/tJKwTG

  • Harish k

    I have ocd pls help I don’t no wt I’m doing my thinking is negative pls wt I can do pls help me

  • UniFluff Corn

    My doc said I might have ocd because I put my stomach in and out I feel like I need to i have no idea what’s ocd and what’s not im only 10 and sometimes I feel like I can’t breath and I get mad alot if my computer is laggy i hit it hard and I might break it one day and I hit my brother and tell him to do things for me and I’m not clean and I hate when ppl put there saliva water or somthing liquid and leave it without washing it of ugh it bothers me like on there skin and I always wash my hands when they get sweaty I sweat alot on my hands and that’s probably it

  • gbvenom

    I am a Checker, Counter/Arranger, Washer, and Doubter. Most of the people I know don’t understand it because they don’t know literally anything about OCD.

  • Katelin ussery

    I swear I have it but i don’t want to say i have it. I’m not a washer or organizer, i don’t know how to explain it! And it’s so frustrating!

  • thekingellie

    Okay someone just tell me straight. Am I over thinking it or do I actually have OCD? So I check everything, for instance door locks and taps are my worst from 6-30 times. Going to bed is another thing entirely, checking my phone is plugged in and iPad as well, then checking if it’s charging 4-5 times. AHHHH setting my alarm annoys me, I have to check that about 4 times and then I have to check if my plugs are in the right place. Then check the floor for anything, turn my light off. Open my door (in case I oversleep hopefully with the door open I won’t) then turn the light back on to check if the doors in the right place. Making sure my phone is off and on silent for school is another thing entirely. I’m in a world of checking, should I go to the doctors or something?

  • Earth+

    There are more types of OCD than what was mentioned here

  • Destinée Valentine

    I suffer from all, but I’m usually a counter & washer, I haven’t left my house in almost 2 months just because I’ve been to scared thinking it would catch on fire or I’d get into an accident

  • SkyLineGamingTv

    Im a checker/doubter/counter

  • 1979darshana

    I have 1st stage O.C.D…

  • Jonny Harper

    im a masturbator


  • Emma B

    I think I’m a doubter

  • Beating Anxiety

    Symptoms Of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder…

    • Sage_ Panda

      Beating Anxiety I’m a counter but also have Intrusive thoughts

    • Perica Lazic

      Yes I accept what a few other comments have written – it’s not as easy than it sounds to overcome fear of driving.
      Be careful and get help from experts. I looked round a few sites and found some great advice by searching google on sites like Roys Quick Fix. Good luck and hope you are successful!

  • Laughy

    Oh so i’m autistic now? ok

  • Unknown Soldier

    I wash my hands like 20 times a day

  • Mr. Marmot

    every night i have to check all my stoves, windows, electrical plug, etc by pushing it 10 times making sure if its closed and in the right place… but sometimes i just dont feel right and start.ocer and it only get worse… the same stuff also happens after i take a shower(checking the faucets/shower) and going out

  • Jerome tolentino

    i got brain damaged 2 times

  • 13din

    … I relate to all types of ocd

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