Signs And Symptoms Of Anxiety In Children

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If you’re worried about your child having anxiety or even an anxiety disorder then you might find this video useful for helping you to identify some of the different signs and symptoms of anxiety in children.

Childhood anxiety comes in a variety of different forms including generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (also known as OCD), social anxiety disorder, separation anxiety disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, phobias, selective mutism and panic disorder.

Symptoms of Anxiety in Children

The symptoms of anxiety in children suffering from generalized anxiety often result in excessive worrying about things that needn’t be concerning as well as a tendency to focus on certain things to the point where they are a perfectionist.

Children with OCD

For children suffering from OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder they will often find themselves performing many series of rituals and tasks and will be unable to function normally until these routines are complete. This type is particularly common in children age 10 or older.

Children with Social Anxiety

Social anxiety disorder in children is often recognized through symptoms of the child not being able to make new friends or answer questions in class. Often these children are seen as shy and introverted.

Children with Separation Anxiety

Symptoms of separation anxiety in children include excessive crying, anger and a feeling of homesick whenever they are away from their parents accompanied by a feeling of uncontrollable fear.

Children with PTSD

Post traumatic stress disorder (or PTSD) usually occurs in children that have experienced a traumatic event like a parent dying and can result in symptoms like irritability and an unwillingness to go to certain places or to talk to certain people.

Children with Phobias

Symptoms of children suffering from phobias often come in the form of tantrums, headaches and crying. These children will often tend to avoid certain situations too as an irrational fear will stop them from doing so.

Children Suffering Selective Mutism

For children suffering from selective mutism they will often find themselves completely find much of the time but then suddenly unable to speak when in a situation that makes then anxious.

Children with Panic Disorder

For children suffering from panic disorder symptoms include an increased heart rate, dizziness, fear, trembling, chills and nausea. Panic disorders occur when a child has had more than two seemingly random panic attacks.

There you have it, different types of Anxiety in Children and symptoms to recognize each of them.  If your child is having a Panic Attack read my article on Symptoms of Child Anxiety Attacks

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  • It's ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴄʜᴀɴᴇʟ

    Once I didn’t want to answer the phone, and my mom got angry and Told me “F**k you”.

  • OhMyYanna

    I don’t think i have them. But i always have bad thoughts like when some one is looking at me i feel like they are going to hurt me. And I’m always scared when me and my older brother going home because we’re just commuting i feel like the driver is killer or kidnapper, my hands are trembling and my heart is racing. My brother noticed it he ask me what’s with me, and i can’t even answer him because even i, myself i don’t know what’s happening to me. I can’t tell my parents after all, I’m scared they would just ignore me. :< Sorry for my english. (Edited) lol

  • Zsana Perez

    Is it bad that almost all these things happen to me?

  • Asha's Inventions

    My mom is a mental health researcher so she helps me whenever I feel sad so I don’t Have to have to go to a doctor when my mom is the doctor

  • Puppy Lover

    I have anxiety because I can’t breath correctly and I had this since i was born

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  • Linc Jenifer

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  • alexandra the potato l-/

    I feel like I might have anxiety, because I can relate to these symptoms
    like I can’t even answer the phone or the door. And even though I usually have the right answer I can never participate in class
    also not that long ago the waitress forgot my drink and I couldn’t even force myself to tell her about it, so my mom did it for me

  • Say_W0t Stuff

    …I think I have the phobias.m

  • _Milly_ 2

    I have social anxiety And I’m 9 and when I go out I mostly cry cause people are Around me and I want to go outside so badly!

  • Emma Scribner

    I think I might have separation anxiety but it’s with Mackenzie when Like for some reason when I got needles i didn’t want anyone only her and they wouldn’t let her come with me and I started freckling out and havering a panic attack and I flipped out so they had to let in with me and I didn’t leave her side for the rest off the week

  • Sunset taco

    I have Panic disorder school and friends dont help im only relaxed on the weekends or breaks from school

  • • xFadeStatic •

    Axiety and Depression runs in my family and most of these disorders literally sounds just like me but I only know for sure I have OCD and Social Anxiety Disorder (probably why I think of killing myself everyday but nope mom won’t take me seriously ) 😑 and my dad thinks it’s all in my head .

  • кlυє ᑭOᑭ

    Every time a teacher calls on me to answer a question I stay quiet and just stare at her…and when I’m forced to do something on stage I avoid going on stage even if it’s running off school campus…..

  • Melanie Andrews

    I have social anxiety and I want to get help, but my parents don’t believe me. They say I’m just really shy and that evens gong to be ok on my own. They say that it would be a waste of money to get me a therapist. It makes me feel really bad

  • Ayliah Harg

    I don’t know if I have anxiety!!! Omg help me… can someone please explain the anxiety disorders to me

  • Andrew Anthony

    I am 11. Three days ago I was playing a game at recess. The game was called “Zombie Apocalypse” Its were someone is a “Zombie” and they have to go to a tree, count to a three, then turn around and try to tag us, then when one of us gets tagged, we become a “Zombie” as well. So my friend was the Zombie and everyone found an escape route on the climber, I was one that chose the slide. So my fried was walking up the climber, and I was about to go down the slide, when I noticed, there was a kid sitting there, talking to someone. I asked him to move because I was in a hurry. You know what this kid did? He looked at me, and smiled. -_- I asked him again- same response! I silently start to freak out, when my friend tags me. I burst into tears! And then the 6th grade whistle blows. Its lunch time. Starting at recess, we go to lunch, then math, then science, recess, then we go home. I cried until the end of math. Math is two hours long. A, that’s to long a class in elementary, B, I guess this is a bully story now.

  • Gabrielle Freeman Swagger

    My anxiety is so high that I can’t even use the bathroom properly :’)

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