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Part 3: What Happens During Meditation?

Modern medicine does not say that meditation works.  You won’t find a doctor that will prescribe meditation as the sole means of healing your illness in traditional medicine, anyway.  Yet, meditation is something that doctor’s do tell you about in other ways.   For example, how many times has your doctor told you that stress was a problem in your health issue?  Or, perhaps he told you of the need to relax more so that you can overcome your headaches, your pain, or your tension?  In your […]

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Part 2: The Benefits of Meditation. What it will do for me?

If explaining to you what medication is happens to not be enough for you to dive right into it then consider what meditation can do for you by what it does for others.  Meditation is something you should consider and these are just a handful of reasons why.   The largest and most profound benefit of meditation is reaching enlightenment through the Contemplation phase of meditating.   Achieving this allows you to become a whole new person, one that has the ability to live a full and […]

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Part 1: Exactly, what is Meditation Anyway?

This is the first part of a series of articles about meditation.  This article will discuss what meditation is and to understand the different stages of this process. Have you tried meditation to solve your stress and health problems?  If you haven’t done so yet, now may be one of the best times to make that experience a reality.  Mediation is one of the most sought after forms of stress relief and is even recommended by many doctors.   Something that valuable is something that you should […]

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