What to do about Insomnia

Be free of your Anxiety and Panic attacks!

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  • ZarZDodge

    Any source on the connection between insomnia and philosophy?

    • SusanBailey AmazingEstate

      Lua Veli
      So many helpful resources! Thanks for taking the time to post.

    • h7opolo

      Yes, you’re right. So many facts to keep straight in this noggin of mine. Thanks.

    • TheSassi42

      Lua Veli
      Hi, ich mag deinen Kommentar und du sprichst Deutsch und magst Gedichte. Also hier ein Gedicht über Licht, das ich in der Grundschule geschrieben habe. Vielleicht gefällt es dir:

      Die Sonne bringt ihr Sonnenlicht
      Die and’ren Lichter könn’ das nicht
      Und wenn die Sonne das nicht macht
      Dann ist es Nacht
      Die Lampe bringt ihr Lampenlicht
      Die and’ren Lichter könn’ das nicht
      Und wenn die Lampe das nicht tut
      Ist sie kaputt

      Hehe Grundschulgedichtskunst 😀

    • TheSassi42

      Though it would profit from sources, it does not absolutely need them. It is an idea and in no way presented as a fact.

    • Lua Veli

      Hallöchen! Oh vielen lieben Dank! Ich habe heute morgen meinen Tag mit einem riesen Lächeln angefangen! Wie süüüüüüß!! Es freut mich sehr, dass du es bewahren konntest! Weisst du, wegen deinem Gedicht habe ich mich heute daran erinnert, dass ich als Kind auch Gedichte und Lieder geschrieben habe und gemahlt habe usw.
      Ich habe sogar ein Sachbuch geschrieben:-). Das hieß:  ” Die Psychische Probleme des Kindes”!  Stell dir vor wie gestört ein Kind sein muss um so etwas zu  schreiben:-) Aber alles ist verschwunden irgendwie. Wir waren  sechs Geschwister. Also ich kann meine Mutter irgendwie verstehen, dass sie keine Zeit dafür hatte, unsere gestige Werke für die Zukunft zu bewahren usw. …
       Um mich bei dir zu bedanken schicke ich dir mein Lieblingsgedicht zur Kindheit. Da hast du auch dein Licht!

      “Nun mag ich auch
      nicht länger leben
      Verhaßt ist mir
      des Tages Licht;
      Denn sie hat Franze
      Kuchen gegeben
      Mir aber nicht.

      Matthias Claudius”

      Noch mal vielen lieben Dank. Ich werde dein wunderschönes Gedicht auf jeden Fall bewahren:-) Den anderen Kommentar den du mir geschickt hast beantworte ich auch bald. Viele liebe Grüße:-)

  • FoxXxTaco

    i will not rest until i find a cure for my insomnia

  • El Torco

    seeing this at 4am scared shitless for no reason

  • aamu3

    For me the problem is that as an introvert i tend to think all the time and overthink situations that sometimes don’t actually matter at all. At night my mind can keep on spinning around and doesnt want to rest. When I was smaller and even now I have a way to not go crazy when the lights are out. It’s my dreamworld that I constructed in my head, making my thoughts come to life in the darkness and allowing to forget that I’m not able to fall asleep. But throughout the years I’ve been losing this dreamworld because it contained a “me” that I wished to become, which, now that I’m older, reflects more and more the reality and not a fantasy. Without this world I’ve started writing down one of the stories that I made up in the past few years. By writing it down into a notebook with a pencil it helps me gather my thoughts. Not only am I writing the story but I also started to keep a diary. It might help me get some order in my head but the fact doesn’t change that ever since I was small I’ve had trouble falling asleep. There are many possible answers to what could be causing my insomnia, but even circling around those doesn’t quite help me in the end.
    I would be happy to receive a reply to this overly long comment if anyone reads it xD

    • Midnight City

      I feel you I have suffered for many years myself! Journaling does help as you mentioned. Staying away from blue light late at night. keeping a more consistent sleep and wake time, catastrophizing thoughts and following them through to conclusion, practicing acceptance of the conclusions you come to, finding joy in life. ultimately retraining my brain after years of effort. I agree with everything you wrote, even after taking things full circle I struggle with what I believe are the mundane thoughts at times. I continue to fight this and I hope you do as well knowing there are others out there like you, you aren’t alone! How do you cope with it what are some of your strategies?

    • aamu3

      Wow thank you for replying!! Well one of my newest found strategies is keeping my bedside lamp turned on when trying to fall asleep. I’m thinking that leaving the light on makes me focus more on the light next to me than the thoughts in my head. The energy-saving-light doesn’t hinder me from feeling sleepy and seemingly makes me believe that I don’t have to fall asleep while the light is on. This, as weird as it may sound, helps me not to freak out and think: “Oh my god, I only have 5 more hours to sleep” because I know that I don’t have to fall asleep just yet (because I’d still have to turn the light off). I don’t know why or how it works but I actually fell asleep once with the lamp still turned on, without waiting 1 or 2 hours until my brain just shut down by itself.
      Thanks a lot, I’m glad that I’m not the only one having this problem. We just gotta find a way to, like you say, practise acceptance of the conclusions that we come to find, and let go.

    • Bella T

      aamu3 “the problems of being an introvert” 🙂 I know what you are talking about. I don’t think I have insomnia at that level but things that helped me were doing some kind of physical activity during the day that keeps my body tired at night and doesn’t let my mind wander around. as you say it focuses on the body rather than “if I had done that thing that way, then that other thing would have been different now!!” it just doesnt have the energy to do that. so for me as you say,it’s not a matter of not thinking during the day. It is a brain that has been trained to think and overthink things during the day and does that when I am going to sleep too.

    • zakhooi

      I can relate to this. What I learned that is important for me: 1) get enough physical exercise during the day (exhaust some of your muscles) 2) make sure to have enough outside time, like go for a walk in fresh air, preferable in nature 3) end the day with reflection i.e. journaling or downloading your thoughts. Start with what went well during the day, then focus on what you learned. Then see what could have been done better, and end with what you are thankful for. Especially this last part gives me with a comforting and appreciating feeling. And in general this approach makes you realise that there is a progression and that you are making steps forward.

  • jorge Gonzalez

    walked like 10 hours 2day…still cant sleep awale for 3 day now

  • Flam3

    You could always drug yourself to sleep

  • Avery-Quinn Maddox

    I hate to break it to you, but the claim that insomnia is rarely a physical/psychological disease is empirically wrong. Sure, insomnia can be caused by the problems described in this video, but often it has nothing to do with thinking and has everything to do with brain chemistry.

  • Al Cumming

    Is anyone else here because of caffeine?

  • Darryl Carter

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  • Rahul T

    Too much complicated animation is being used to make you understand something simple

  • mander man

    I wanna be pissed that he saying the reason i cant sleep is cuse i dont think durring the day, but hes not wrong, not 100%, cuse i do think about alot when i cant sleep, but i do reflect alot, still no change in sleep

  • Dana Baker

    I almost quit treating the dreadful insomnia I`ve experienced for two years. But since I followed this sleep program “fawam unique plan” (Google it), my sleeping trouble was gone and sleeping in my bed just felt great. This is product you must not miss. I find it too good to be real in the beginning but since I tried it, I became the product’s main believer.

  • Dane Gonzalez

    I have been an insomnia patient for more than a decade. After applying this sleep program “fawam unique plan” (Google it) for seven days, I had been able to achieve eight hours rest every night. I`m sleeping very well that I haven`t even finished the plan. My insomnia is lastly eliminated thanks to this program.

  • Standing Leaf

    Great video! I need to sleep on that.

  • Jessica Death

    I got 3 hours of sleep yesterday 🙁

  • Jessica Death

    Your voice is so calming <3

  • JuaffreBlumpkins

    I found sports. Sports is so fucking boring that it makes me fall asleep real quick.

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